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Contest Number Five: What the heck is goin on around here?

3 Dec

Can someone tell me what the heck is going on here?


This summer I found these chewed plants scattered in various places in my yard.


My first thought was that a squirrel did it but we rarely see a squirrel. Our neighborhood is only 15 years old and most trees here are small. Also, I think it happens at NIGHT!

Other creatures that inhabit Iowa are Opossums, Raccoons, Woodchucks and...

Other creatures that inhabit Iowa are Opossums, Raccoons, Woodchucks, Rabbits, Skunks and…

…White-tailed Deer. Could it be Deer passing through at night? Or Bigfoot? I seriously want to know.

It’s not my dog chewing these things up. Mice are too little. Birds? I don’t think so but…you tell me, please.

I did some Googling to see what this plant material is. I think I figured that out but I’m not telling!

I want to know WHO is doing it!


Mr. Bird Brain

24 Nov

This male Cardinal has spent the Summer and Fall fighting with his reflection. I mean, he has NEVER figured it out! He bangs into our sliding glass door, he tangles with the mirrors on our cars, and now he even sees the enemy reflected on our charcoal grill!

We love him. My wife named him Birdbrain 4 or 5 months ago.  Mrs. Brain lives in the arborvitae next door, and she must be proud to watch her husband defend her so valiantly.

Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines

8 Aug

Yesterday I was at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa.

There are several adult Red-eared Sliders in here. The females have shells over 10 inches long. The big one basking looks like another species of Slider or Cooter. Her shell was over a foot long.

A roomful of Gouldian Finches. They looked very healthy and happy.

Nest boxes for the Gouldian Finches.

2 kinds of Poison-dart Frogs. Another tank had young blue ones that were raised at the zoo.

African Cichlids

Aldabra Tortoises looked very happy. Plenty of room with sun, shade and a mudhole.

Ostriches and Watusi Cattle. We were just fascinated with the cattle. Their horns are unbelievably huge.

The Zoo also has Lions, a Tiger, Rhesus Monkeys, Camels, Penguins, Sea Lions, and many others.

A little Iowa pond that is drying up

26 Jul

The drought we are having has been deadly.
Here are some pictures of what I call a duck pond in a local park. It’s normally about 3 feet deep. Now there is only a foot of water left.

It’s sad to see the dead fish. I saw lots of turtle heads poking up. A drought may be good for them as long as it doesn’t dry up completely. They have easy pickings on the dead fish.

Update on Squaw Creek Dog Park, Linn County, Iowa

15 May

Here’s a few pics, taken just hours ago, that show the dog park is coming along nicely. There are no signs yet and from a distance it looks almost ready, but up close you see the plants have not filled in yet.

I’m not a big fan of dog parks, my dog behaves well and has fun wherever we go, but it might be fun for her to meet other dogs more often.

Iowa ain’t half bad

15 May

We don’t have any mountains, or oceans, but there are times when Iowa looks pretty damn good. One of my sons snapped this photo a few days ago and I just had to share it. If you want to know what Iowa is, it is in this picture. Some woods, some prairie, some farmland. That’s it, that’s us.

Dog Park In Squaw Creek Park, Linn County, Iowa

7 Apr

When I headed out to release the toads this morning I ran into my son who was also out on a bike ride. He came along with me and we went into Squaw Creek Park and released the toads. Then he led the way to the new dog park that is under construction. For any blog followers who live around here, I will say that the new blog park,  I mean dog park, is right about where the parking lot is for the golf course.

I don't know if it will be ready this year or next.

A car went by us on the park road and KJ chased along with it at 32 MPH.