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Fast and easy freshwater aquarium

3 Apr

Some of my older Neon Tetras and Harlequin Rasboras have died , so yesterday I bought 4 Neons and 3 Rasboras. I want to quarantine them for a few weeks so I set up a simple 10 gallon tank.

Also, my male Betta was getting beat up by the large Marble Angels that have been spawning in their 29 gallon tank. I need a new peaceful home for the Betta.

I washed some sand that I bought at Menards, a "home center". This is probably $1.50 worth of sand.

Here is the heater and a sponge filter. The sponge filter was in another tank. I washed it out but it has a nice bacterial colony going

I caught the Betta in a net but when I can I prefer to use my hands to transfer the fish.

The water is half "fresh" water and half "used" water from the Bettas tank.

I planted Watercress that I got at the Asian market. A bunch cost $1.10 and I used about a third of it in this tank.

After one day the water is clear and the Neons are looking good.

I hope the Betta gets his blue color back. Those Angels kept him in hiding and he certainly looked unhappy.

I left the water level down an inch or so. I expect the Watercress to reach up and come right out of the water. The tank should have a “jungley” look to it. I’ll take some pictures in a week or so.

The only way this “instant tank” works is because I pulled the sponge filter from another tank.  Don’t set up a brand new tank and throw Neons in there. Start with guppies and wait 6 weeks, then add Neons or whatever you like.

Cardinal Tetras, or “You want to see a grown man cry?”

31 Jan

If you really don’t know or care about tropical fish stop reading now. Go away, please, while I talk to the  fish lovers of the world.

All  species of fish are special. Some are…unique….singular.


Chocolate Gouramis.

Altum Angelfish.

I’ve never kept Cardinal Tetras. Damn, over 30 years of keeping fish and NEVER had Cardinals.

I bought 4 of them tonight. Would have bought more, but they were the last 4 in the tank. They look like hell, pale and sick, but I am hoping only stressed.

Paracheirodon axelrodi, I say it over and over, Paracheirodon axelrodi

I bring them home, I take an hour to acclimatize them to their 10 gallon tank.  After releasing them I watch them scatter, then eventually group together.

I stare in wonder. Where have you been? Brazil? And if not, your ancestors certainly were from the tannin stained waters of the Amazon tributaries. I’ve never looked at any fish and felt such a direct connection to the beginnings of the Tropical Fishkeeping hobby. Thank you, William Iness, thank you, Herbert Axelrod.  I will stop writing now so I can go look at them again. The colors, the genetics, the lineage, direct from the Amazon, here they are…the Cardinal Tetras.

They are still pale in this video, and the reflection in the glass makes it appear that there are more than four tetras, but there are only four.

Pictus Catfish in their new home

5 Jan

After getting beat up at Wal-Mart (the fish, not me), I was worried about one of my Pictus Catfish. He was thin and not very active. Two of the Catfish were fine, dashing around and eating, stuffing themselves on shrimp.

I decided the best course of action was to make these Catfish think they were dropped back into an Amazon tributary. I had a 29 gallon tank all set-up with a single large male Silver Angelfish. I added a sand bottom, cranked the temperature up to about 80 degrees F, increased the aeration, and then added a few handfuls of tree leaves (mostly Oak) from my backyard. After a day or so, the leaves all sank to the bottom and the Pictus hid under them. The water took  on the color of a weak tea. I didn’t see the Pictus too often because of the leaves but within a week I saw all three out feeding and I couldn’t tell which one was the weak one.

I have since reduced the temperature to about 76F.

Keep your Pictus Catfish with fish that it cannot swallow.  No Neons!

Neons and Glowlights

30 Dec

This is a great combination of fish.  A school of Neon Tetras, a school of Glowlight Tetras. In a planted aquarium they spend most of their time in the bottom third of the tank so make sure the food gets down to them.

So happy together: Angelfish and Neons

26 Nov

Seems like everyone loves Angelfish and everyone loves Neon Tetras. Can they live together? Absolutely, but every pet shop owner will tell you what I am going to tell you. Start with small Angelfish and not-too-small Neons, and they will grow up together, happy as can be.

In this photo I show my young Gold Angel, who is now a HUGE Gold Angel, and he and his Marble Angel buddies don’t bother the Neon Tetras or Glowlight Tetras at all.

Don’t you love this little Gold Angelfish, he looks so delicate. Delicate schmellicate, he is a tough guy.

A Practical Fishkeeping Blog

26 Nov

My 29 gallon tank with Angels, Neons, Glowlights and others.

Hello everyone.  I’d like to tell you about the fish species and the fish tanks I have.  MY experiences with them.
My plan is to post a new article every week or two. I’ll pick a fish and try to give you some interesting and helpful information about that fish.  Maybe a page, maybe a paragraph, we’ll see. The fish I choose are fish that I have experience keeping.
Also, I’ll talk about aquatic plants and other topics.

I have one salt-water tank that I set up four years ago, and I have, let’s see, TEN freshwater tanks, some are just 10 gallons but it keeps me busy. So the topics will lean toward freshwater fishkeeping.

And if you like reptiles and amphibians, there will surely be some posts about my turtles and tortoises, salamanders, frogs, and one snake. BUT, I will mainly talk about fish. I named this A Practical Fishkeeping Blog so I had better try to stick to it.