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Flourite substrate for plants…it works

16 Dec

I bought a bag of Flourite substrate with the idea of growing a jungle-like tank of Vallisneria. The Flourite is expensive, about a dollar per pound. I bought a 15 pound bag of the Red Flourite. By the way, Flourite is a clay-based, iron-rich gravel-like material. I don’t think it leaches into the water, at least not very much. It helps the plants that are able to get their roots around it.

In a 29 gallon tank I poured in a layer of  natural landscaping rocks, then added a layer of about 10 pounds of the Flourite . I  finished the bottom with small gravel and a few handfuls of fine sand , and also an area of bigger rocks.

The reddish-colored rock is the flourite.

I bought two bunches of Vallisneria, which separated into about 10 plants.

Vallisneria makes new plants by sending out "runners".

It worked! Almost too well.

My nephews tank with some of my plants!

6 Dec

Look how fat these little beauties are!


I mailed some plants to my nephew in Missouri last week. They arrived in about 4 days and were all healthy. This picture shows my Hornwort, Java Moss and Vallisneria in his tank. Yay!!

I see Black Neons on sale and  they just don’t grab me. Now I see my nephews photo here, and I like the red around their eyes, and the blue edges on the dorsal and tailfin. They are much prettier than I had thought.

If you take good care of your fish you will see colors on them that you don’t see at the petshop.

Snip and Ship a.k.a. Share the love

1 Dec

Vallisneria, Water Lettuce, Elodea, Hornwort

At some point I will post more info about growing live plants, and their benefits to your aquarium. I do it as simply as possible,  very low-tech.  When I get too many plants I have been giving them to our local Tropical Fish Shop but this time I am shipping some to my nephew in Missouri.  I used a bubble-wrap mailer, a zip-lock bag and just a little water. I think that next time I will use one of the Post Office’s 5 dollar boxes.  For now, the plants are in the mail and let’s hope they get there soon.

Sharing plants and sharing fish, it makes Fishkeeping fun!