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Neons and Glowlights

30 Dec

This is a great combination of fish.  A school of Neon Tetras, a school of Glowlight Tetras. In a planted aquarium they spend most of their time in the bottom third of the tank so make sure the food gets down to them.

So happy together: Angelfish and Neons

26 Nov

Seems like everyone loves Angelfish and everyone loves Neon Tetras. Can they live together? Absolutely, but every pet shop owner will tell you what I am going to tell you. Start with small Angelfish and not-too-small Neons, and they will grow up together, happy as can be.

In this photo I show my young Gold Angel, who is now a HUGE Gold Angel, and he and his Marble Angel buddies don’t bother the Neon Tetras or Glowlight Tetras at all.

Don’t you love this little Gold Angelfish, he looks so delicate. Delicate schmellicate, he is a tough guy.