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Trying to be crabby.

12 May

I had a single day off work last week. Only one day and I had too much to do. The day started off badly.  I felt cheated. I tried to wallow in my own misery.
But, as the day went on, things began to turn around.
I spotted a little fish in my community aquarium. About the size of a Neon Tetra but there are no fish that small in that tank.  But there it was, a survivor, a baby fish that hatched and grew among 30 hungry adult barbs, tetras and danios.
It’s a baby Colombian Tetra!



I felt better seeing that little fish.
A little later I was driving only a mile from my house and I saw some Milkweed pods rising out of a ditch. Could they still have seeds from last year? I grabbed two pods. They looked empty.


But to my surprise I looked more closely and there were a few seeds in the pod. Ripe and ready to plant. I can expand my Milkweed for the Monarch Butterflies! Yay!!


I was feeling pretty good at this point.
Later, I was mowing the grass and my old Golden Retriever was with me. She used to jump in the back of my vehicle and lay on a blanket and survey the world.
Surely, she’s too old for that but No! She leaped up onto the old blanket and laid there for 2 hours.


My crabbiness was gone. I was tired but content. Seeing a turtle basking in the sunshine can be the highlight of my day. Or watching ducks frolic in a puddle after a rain. Or discovering a new frog at one of my backyard ponds.
I need to get out and hike. I need to make the time.

Colombian Tetras, also known as Red-Blue Tetras

26 Nov

My Colombians with Serpaes, Bleeding Hearts and Black-skirt Tetras.

Colombian tetras are just a great all-around fish. I bought 5 last year. No deaths, no diseases, they cause no problems with other fish or each other.

These fish are not gaudy, they can look quite plain one moment, then go under the lights just the right way and look so pretty. I have seen photos of them in large groups , in a school of 20 or more, and they are impressive. A planted tank at 75 degrees F and clean water means happy fish.

Most information on the Internet calls them Colombian Tetras, but I see them at Petsmart being sold as Red-Blue Tetras. These fish are over-looked at the pet store because they look mostly silver, but I promise they will show great colors in the home aquarium.

Get some! At LEAST THREE.  More if you can.