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Fish food? Pet food? People food?

7 Apr

This blog has been a lot about Toads lately...

...and this breakfast dish is called Toad in the Hole.

No actual Toads were used. It was good but my flipping could have been timed better.

I love these!

And my dog loves these!

I cooked Smelt a few weeks ago. My fish eat these,too.

I made a Sausage Chili a few weeks ago and I am putting this picture here just to show off. It was incredible!

Because I am a cheapskate I bought this lunchmeat and it smelled EXACTLY like Alpo (a canned dog food). I could not eat it. I have been giving it to our dog because it really is dog food.

These dog treats look soooo good, but I have resisted trying them.

What a lucky girl!!

Watercress as a pond plant. I will have to eat some on a sandwich sometime soon!

Here's some Catnip. Some cats like it and others don't.

Fast and easy freshwater aquarium

3 Apr

Some of my older Neon Tetras and Harlequin Rasboras have died , so yesterday I bought 4 Neons and 3 Rasboras. I want to quarantine them for a few weeks so I set up a simple 10 gallon tank.

Also, my male Betta was getting beat up by the large Marble Angels that have been spawning in their 29 gallon tank. I need a new peaceful home for the Betta.

I washed some sand that I bought at Menards, a "home center". This is probably $1.50 worth of sand.

Here is the heater and a sponge filter. The sponge filter was in another tank. I washed it out but it has a nice bacterial colony going

I caught the Betta in a net but when I can I prefer to use my hands to transfer the fish.

The water is half "fresh" water and half "used" water from the Bettas tank.

I planted Watercress that I got at the Asian market. A bunch cost $1.10 and I used about a third of it in this tank.

After one day the water is clear and the Neons are looking good.

I hope the Betta gets his blue color back. Those Angels kept him in hiding and he certainly looked unhappy.

I left the water level down an inch or so. I expect the Watercress to reach up and come right out of the water. The tank should have a “jungley” look to it. I’ll take some pictures in a week or so.

The only way this “instant tank” works is because I pulled the sponge filter from another tank.  Don’t set up a brand new tank and throw Neons in there. Start with guppies and wait 6 weeks, then add Neons or whatever you like.