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Venus Flytraps eat fish food?

16 Jan

It all started nearly a year ago. One of my kids wanted a Venus Flytrap. I found out that plants cost about $5-$10 each, plus shipping, while 20 seeds could be had for $12.
I figured if I could get 3 plants to survive I would get my moneys worth.  I ordered seeds from Flytrapstore.com. I received them in a small sealed plastic vial.


This is a great way to use a partially-filled aquarium: As a greenhouse!

It’ll write about the process of getting plants from these seeds some other time. It’s not as easy as just dropping seeds into dirt. The baby plants are so small and need to be fed. Also, there are fake seeds being sold on the Internet, which is why I would recommend buying from Flytrapstore.com. There must be other trustworthy sources but I can say that my Venus Flytrap seeds turned into Venus Flytrap plants. It takes some work and a lot of patience, so trusting that the seeds are real is important.


I fed the baby plants with  fragments of dried Bloodworms (soaked in distilled water). It was very difficult feeding the baby plants. If you have the steady hands of a brain surgeon it helps.


Out of 20 seeds, I ended up with 15 baby plants, then had 10 very healthy growing small plants. Last fall, I put them outside on some hot, dry days and I killed them all! I brought them in, watered them, and ONE plant came back from underground. It was pathetic. I put the plant inside an aquarium, floating in the warm, humid air, under the bright LED lights. It’s growing. I treat it like it’s the last plant on Earth.