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Lawnmower Blenny report…and more.

1 Mar

I’ve had the Lawnmower Blenny in my saltwater tank for about 3 weeks now. He’s doing well. He’s fun to watch, he perches high on the rocks and coral like a bird surveying his domain. He’s a great little fish, but…well, the truth is, he is not making a dent in the algae.


He picks at it, but I never see him really grab a chunk and just EAT it. It’s pick, pick pick, but the algae in my tank appears the same. Buy one, but don’t expect miracles.



Last week, in a shocking turn of events, my two Ocellaris Clownfish began attacking my Green-Spotted Puffer. The Clowns were relentless. They have always dominated the Puffer but suddenly they were really trying to kill him. I haven’t noticed any spawning behavior from the Clowns that would make them so vicious. After 3 days of this I had to remove the Puffer. He’s in a smaller tank for now, and I am adding some freshwater to his tank every day to make it brackish. (salty but not saltwater)


Since the Puffer is no longer in the salt tank I realized that I can add snails for algae control. We have a Petco nearby and I bought 3 Turbo Snails at $3 each. I took 5 hours to transition them to my tank conditions and they are doing well.

CAM02716They are not traveling much but they don’t have to. The bottom is literally a bed of food for them.


Now the sad part of the story. I also bought a little Blue Damselfish. When I first set up this aquarium, over 6 years ago, the first fish I bought was a little Blue Damsel. He got along great with these two Clownfish and the Royal Gramma, who are, as I always say, over 6 years old.


That original Damsel lived over two years and I believe he died of old age. He didn’t die suddenly, he deteriorated over a period of many weeks. I mention all of this because I was so hopeful that another Blue Damsel could live in this tank. The splash of Electric Blue would make this tank PERFECT.


At first, the Damsel stood up to the Clowns. But on Day Two the Damsel was in hiding. I fed a big dose of baby brine shrimp into the tank to make sure he could eat without coming out. I expected him to hide a few days and learn how to cope but on Day Three I found him dead. Quick as that. I have to ponder whether I will try it again. Did the Clowns actually kill the Damsel? Or was the shock of going from the wild to the store to my tank too much? I just can’t stand knowing all that fish went through only to die in the middle of Iowa in a 42 gallon fish tank. This just haunts me.

Saltwater snails that reproduce

12 Dec

I wanted snails for my Saltwater tank. I went to our local fish store, I also went to Petco. They mostly sold Turbo Snails and Astrea Snails. I bought snails at both places.

The snails get old and die or, even worse, they flip over and can’t get back upright, and they die that way. A slow starving death.

I went to a local aquarium shop that SPECIALIZES in saltwater. I asked the owner if there are any saltwater snails that reproduce in the home aquarium. He said no, and I resigned myself to buying the snails he was selling. As I purchased them he actually laughed and said he sold a thousand per week. I bought 5.

Buying snails only to watch them slowly perish seemed wrong somehow.

I was given some Caleurpa and Chaetomorpha (these are plants) from a local aquarist. After a few weeks I noticed some little baby snails in my tank. Months later, I have about 10 dime-sized snails, and I am hoping they reproduce sometime soon.

I think the idea of buying snails that fall over and die is ridiculous. “Buy more because they are cheap”, seems to be the general idea but I cannot do it.

I am in search of the exact species of these snails and I will update this post as soon as I have that information.