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Water sprayer for indoor tortoises

10 Mar

It’s too dry for the tortoises indoors in the Winter so here’s a fast way to spray their shells and habitat.

Peggy the Central American Wood Turtle. 29 years and counting.

Buy a brand new garden sprayer. Here’s mine. It only holds a gallon of water. I don’t want something too heavy.

Here’s the most important thing. Buy a new sprayer. DO NOT use one that might have had pesticides in it.

Costs about $15 at Walmart.

Good advice about the baby turtles

19 Jun

Turtle baby #4 is hanging in there, dragging around his larger-than-normal yolk sac (because I opened up his egg-shell too soon). I received some great advice from another WordPress blogger. She noticed I was keeping the baby in the Coconut fiber (Coir) and mentioned that there is a potential for some of the Coir to stick to the sac and get absorbed into the body as the plastron closes. She recommended putting the baby on damp paper towels. She was certainly right about the Coir, it has crusted a bit over the yolk so I am hopeful that it will soften in the damp towels and wear off. I will give it a gentle rinse if necessary.

For all of you turtle/tortoise lovers out there, please go visit her blog. She works in a zoo in Tennessee (not hard to figure out which one since their tortoise breeding successes actually make the news). The tortoises she helps to raise are some very rare and endangered animals. She writes about many things other than tortoises but let me give you a couple of links to her blog to get you started:



The one about “belly button shots” are Tortoise belly buttons! Now that I am raising baby turtles I can see that this fascination with their belly buttons is not a strange fetish, but a very important thing to watch and understand. You can’t put baby water turtles into an aquatic environment until their plastron has healed from where the yolk was attached.
The three older babies are living in a very basic tub of water, cleaned every day, with a UVB light above them. I also take them outside for a few hours of basking in the sunshine.

I was admiring their beautiful color patterns so I took them out for a photo op.