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Soft-shell turtle babies

6 Jul

While we were at the Wapsi, we walked along a sandbar and I saw some little pointy snouts poking out of the sand. I caught two baby Softshell Turtles. I couldn’t resist bringing them home for awhile. I promise they are going back to the Wapsi River later this summer. They get huge; the females have shells the size of a garbage-can lid. Also, they are lightning fast and bite.
But for now, they have adapted to captivity and eat pieces of frozen fish, also dried shrimp and worms. They are carnivores.
After I had them a few days I got brave enough to put them with the baby Red-ears. I thought the Red-ears might be injured since the Softshells are bigger, but the Softshells were afraid of the Red-ears! Now they all get along fine. Another concern of mine was the possibility of wild parasites transferring to my baby Red-ears. That is still a concern and I only hope that it does not become an issue.

Softshells are known to be mostly aquatic but these little guys do bask, and on the river I see them basking on logs.

Here’s another piece of wood I found at the river. I have put it in the tank where my big Red-tail Shark can hide in it. It would be perfect for a Knifefish, wouldn’t it?

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