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Turtle pond pic

6 Jul

One of my boys sent me this pic of my turtle pond. I like it.

Zebra Danios at one month old

6 Jul

I put these Zebra Danio fry into the pond about a month ago. I fed them every few days with some finely ground dry food.
Mrs. D, these are the babies of your Zebra Danios, so please take as many as you can. Pick a number between one and a hundred!

Silver Angelfish fry

6 Jul

The latest batch of Silver Angels became free-swimming today, so I cleaned out the 30 gallon pond a little bit. I want to leave it natural, with all the little micro-organisms for the baby fish to eat. Tomorrow morning, while it is a decent temperature, I will put the baby Angels outdoors.
I had baby Zebra Danios in the pond, and I took them out today. My next post will show them.

A lot of eggs did become white with fungus,but about 50 babies hatched.

The plants in the little pond are doing great. I took out the Zebra Danios, changed about half of the water, put the plants back in, and will add the Angels tomorrow.

It’s the lazy man’s way of raising fish fry. Let Mother Nature do it.

The baby turtles get a bigger home

6 Jul

The baby turtles are now in a 55 gallon aquarium. I was keeping them in a plastic tub, in shallow water, and taking them outside daily. It has been so incredibly hot that, by the time I get home from work, it is too dangerous to take them outdoors.
I started their new set-up by preparing the canister filter. I didn’t want one of them to get sucked onto the filter intake, so I added a sponge onto the end of it.

Then I dug through a box of fake plants and found some realistic ones.

Not this one!!

I put some “river rock” on the bottom. Not sand or gravel, I don’t want the babies to swallow any.

A Repti-Sun 5.0 bulb on the branch I found at the river.

3 baby turtles and a confession

17 Jun

The 3 baby turtles are doing well. I’ve never raised baby turtles before but I think I’m an expert.
Far from it.
Let me show you the first 3 babies. I think the best way to identify individual Red-eared Sliders is to look at the plastron.

Baby #1

Baby #2. It’s yolk hasn’t healed entirely so he is not in the water with #1 and #3.


And here is the carapace view of all three:



#3 is the largest and is also a paler green.

It’s been about 2 weeks since the first baby hatched. I have been so concerned about the 4th egg. Since the third egg resulted in the biggest baby I thought that the fourth egg should hatch soon.
I couldn’t take it. I was so worried the baby was in there trying to get out that I decided to open it up.
Two nights ago I carefully opened up the egg, hoping to open the end where it faces, but instead I opened the back side, and I almost wished it was a dead undeveloped baby. It was so small I was just sick. What have I done? This baby was moving but so small compared to the others! It was still developing and needed to be in the egg a few more weeks.
I quickly got the shell removed at the front of the turtle also. He was covered in a clear slime. I knew I had to be extremely careful not to puncture the egg yolk, and this yolk was huge, bigger than the turtle itself. This turtle is a preemie for sure. It’s shell was curled into a half-moon shape. The baby gradually began to move more and become more alert.
After a day I carefully lifted the turtle out of the coconut fiber and placed it on a clean damp towel. The room is very warm, in the low to middle 80’s F. The baby is looking good so far! I spray him gently with water and keep the tank at a high humidity level.
I am still very worried that a bacterial infection could result in his death, but so far the egg yolk is shrinking and his shell (not the egg shell) has become normal looking. He wiggles all of his legs but he can’t go anywhere while sitting on top of his egg yolk. Essentially, he is a turtle living in an egg with no shell around him. At first, I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture of him, he looked so pathetic.
I have really learned my lesson. Don’t mess with Mother Nature!!!
So here he is. Wish him luck!! I am really trying to save him. He certainly deserves to live. Poor guy. Oh man I am soooo stupid!


UPDATE 10am CDT June 18: The baby has gotten more active and has pulled away from the eggshell. He still has the large yolk attached to his plastron. The towel and egg shell are dirty so I mixed up a little fresh coconut-husk fiber for him to nestle into. The bottom of the egg yolk does NOT look completely intact and that may turn into a problem. Maybe the yolk fluid will leak out, starving the turtle, or maybe it will become contaminated, thereby infecting his bloodstream. I think the next few days are critical.

Turtles basking

13 Jun

Here’s Daddy turtle, Fred, basking earlier today.

Here’s the big Momma turtle, Banana, basking too.

And here’s baby #1 basking in his outdoor tub.

Here’s my dog Not Basking, let’s say she is Chilling.

And, of course, I had to take this picture!

#3 Baby Turtle hatching

12 Jun

Here’s a quick update on the 3 baby turtles.
Baby #1 is living in a 10-gallon aquarium in an inch of water with a UVB light. I place him outside in a plastic tub several times a day. He is perking up sooo fast. I haven’t seen him eat anything but I put small pieces of Smelt and Shrimp in his tank. Maybe he is eating and I haven’t seen it yet.
Here he is outdoors. I have a wire screen over the top, I don’t want a Grackle to land on the tub and grab him.

This morning, the third baby turtle began to hatch. I have been worried about eggs Number 3 and 4, I have been checking them so often I know I have jostled them a little bit, but here he is, looking good!

#3 is hatching, #2 is still in the hatchery absorbing his egg yolk.

You probably notice that I keep calling the babies “He”. Based on their incubation temperature it is likely that they are all male. I believe they were at 75-82F for most of their time in the egg.