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Fun at the fish club

7 Mar

I joined our local fish club!  I’ve gone to two meetings so far.

A typical meeting has a speaker, a fish bowl contest, club news and a raffle. The raffle tickets cost a dollar. You get 2 or 3 tickets for each dollar. I think I spent 3 dollars at the first meeting and 4 at the second meeting.

Let me show you what I won:


These are made with Salmon, Halibut and shrimp.


These high protein pellets  are small enough for many of my fish. They sink to the bottom and are great for the loaches and catfish.


Here’s a nicely designed sponge filter. I can always use a good sponge filter.


Another very good high protein small pellet. Made with shrimp, Sardines and plankton.


When I get more expensive plants I will use these.


I don’t have any cichlids that can swallow these but they are great turtle food.


This item was the last thing on the table. A tiny amount of Betta food and a plastic wand to train your Betta to feed from.
As the lady at the fish club told me: “Marketing .”

I am guessing these items, in total, would cost 25 to 30 dollars at a store. I spent 7 on raffle tickets.

Earthworm sticks…yummy

26 Jul

I shared an on-line order of supplies with a new fish-keeping friend (who I am learning a lot from!). The company is called Angelsplus.com. I ordered two small heaters, some sponge filter blocks and some fish food. I bought flake food and also these little sinking sticks, called Earthworm Sticks.  If you love your Corydoras do them a favor and buy some of these! Wow, they go nuts!