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Make your Betta happy

26 Nov

You think your Betta really likes being in a cold, dirty fishbowl getting tossed a few little grains of dry food once a day?

In a heated, filtered fish tank he will be so much happier. Give him brine shrimp, and mysis shrimp, and krill.  He’s a meat-eater!

My Betta is living in a tank of Angelfish and I think this is pure luck.  He really should be with SMALL peaceful fish like Neons and other small Tetras, and Platies, for example. If you put your Betta in a community tank, keep a very close eye on his tailfins. If he is getting picked on don’t let it go on too long, maybe a few days to see if things settle down. You might have to rescue him and put him back in that nasty little bowl but at least you tried!