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Video of Mollies, Endlers, Swordtails, Betta

20 Nov

This little tank of Mollies and Endler’s Livebearers has a little salt in it. The Green Spotted Puffer was in there until a month ago until he decided to start eating everything! So the Puffer has been transferred into my marine aquarium and now the Endler’s and Molly populations are exploding.
In the other tank, you can see my Velvet Red Swordtails, a pair of Marigold Platies and my sister’s male Betta.

The Blushing Angel

21 Dec

I have only had one Blushing Angelfish, also known as German Blue Blushers.  Mine started out with a group of young Marble Angels and Gold Angels. The Blusher always seemed weaker than the others. It became more noticeable as they got older. He was the smallest, but he was doing OK.

I kept a group of Endler’s Livebearers (a guppy),  in with these Angels. I figure the Angels got a meal of live baby guppies every few weeks.

Then the Endler’s got their revenge.

I found a couple of the big female Endler’s  nipping furiously at the Blushing Angel. The next day it was getting bad, and I started removing the mean ones.

I expected the Blusher to recover but it was dead the very next day.

I can’t say too much about the Blusher, I only had this one, but I also see some discussion that the Blusher is generally a weaker strain of Angelfish. If you see one for sale, keep that in mind.