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Chinese Algae-Eater is a sucker

16 Jan

Could also be called The Chinese Scale-Sucking Fish

I bought my very first Chinese Algae-Eater a few months ago. I had moved a bunch of fish into a 30 gallon tank, all of them from Southeast Asia. It’s not really a biotope aquarium but it was just fun and convenient for me to split up my fish populations in this manner. My 55 is all South American , the 30 is all Asian.

Anyway, I wanted an algae-eater of some kind, from Asia, and I saw a Golden Chinese Algae -Eater on sale for $1.99.

I clearly remember my first job in our local Tropical Fish Store, and my boss always warned customers, “Don’t put a Chinese Algae Eater in with large, slower moving fish like Angelfish or Goldfish.”  The Algae-eater was known to get aggressive and attack these fish by sucking on their sides, I assume to eat a few of their scales.

My boss was absolutely right with her advice, but it still surprised me when I saw my little 3 inch-long Chinese Algae-eater attacking my Tiger Barbs. Believe me, there is plenty of algae in the tank for this fish to eat, and plenty of other food for him, but when the Barbs came near the bottom, I watched him “leap” at them. Not nice, and I will have to watch him as he gets older.  If this continues and he injures his tankmates I will have to do something about it.

The Chinese Algae-eater gets large, about 10 inches long,  so I would have to say that it was probably a mistake to purchase this fish.