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Baby Bristlies

1 May

I’m happy to report that my pair of albino Bristle-nosed Plecostomus has made babies. Not very many, I counted only four, but I am thrilled to see the cute little ones scurrying around the tank. The four babies are all the typical brown-colored Pleco and I have seen no albinos.


The male is a short-fin and the female is a long-fin. I wonder what the babies will be.

I can’t say much about how to breed the Bristle-nosed Pleco. I put the pair in a ten-gallon tank, provided a nice rocky cave,  and made some regular water changes. They get the standard flake foods plus occasional peas, and I do have a small piece of driftwood for them to scrape.

The male Bristle -nose has the bristly nose.

The male Bristle -nose has the bristly nose.

I forgot about them for awhile and discontinued the water changes. I looked in the tank one day and there were the babies, already 3/8 of an inch long. (close to one centimeter)

I fear that I may have siphoned away baby Plecos when I changed water. Since the tank has a bare bottom I always siphoned the detritus (do they call it “mulm” anymore?) off the bottom. I dearly hope that didn’t happen.

“I can’t find my Pleco!”

26 Aug

Here are some pictures of young Bristle-nosed Plecostomus, or Plecostomussseses, or Plecostomi, oh hell with it, Plecos, that have found some interesting places to survive.
First, at a friend’s house, there is a tank with an undergravel filter. He didn’t connect lift tubes to every place on the plastic plate, and the gravel didn’t cover one opening so a little Pleco went into the hole and has been living there ever since. He could find his way out if he tried, and maybe he does on occasion, but during the day he can be seen only by crawling UNDER the tank and peering up through the glass bottom!

In my 55-gallon community tank I have a male albino Bristle-nosed, or Bristlie as I have heard them called! Last night I watched him swim up to the outflow on the filter. It’s the type of filter that draws water in and then it overflows like a mini-waterfall. This outflow gets coated in algae but, now that I think about it, it seems very clean lately.
I removed the cover of the filter and….

Look at that eyeball staring back at me.

With the flash on the camera.

This little fish actually “climbed” with his sucker mouth about 2 inches above the water level of the fish tank, against the current and into his little haven!