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Various fish photos

8 Aug

I just bought 2 Silver Hatchetfish. I have never owned Hatchets before. They seem very nervous, even though I have plenty of plants in the tank and a few small peaceful fish. If these two do well I hope to get more.

These two meanies are still living together in relative peace.

A blurry tank of action. Zebra Danios, Harlequin Rasboras, Odessa Barbs, Tiger Barbs and an Opaline Gourami. They are fun to watch at feeding time.

Here’s another reminder that Bleeding Heart Tetras get pretty large. Compare this one to the Serpae Tetra.

Water plant blooming in the little pond. Creeping Primrose Willow, I think.

Water Hyacinth in bloom.

Neon Tetras and a Marble Angel.

Sometimes I will take a picture of a bunch of blurry fish. One or two will actually be in focus. I will crop the picture and save it, like this one, and give the illusion that I know how to photograph a fish.