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Native (to Iowa, USA) fish in my tanks

24 Nov

Here is a Bullhead Catfish. Look at those whiskers!
Here is the life of a Bullhead:
Smell food. Swim to the food. Open mouth. GULP!

These little minnows are called the Black-Striped Topminnow. Surprisingly, they have a black stripe and they swim at the top of the tank.

Native fish from the Wapsi

6 Jul

Another trip to the Wapsi River (that’s Wapsipinicon if you are looking for it on a map), and I brought home some beautiful native fish.

This is a baby Bullhead Catfish. Jet-black and cute when young, they get maybe a foot long.

Here’s a little Sunfish.

I captured four Black-Striped Topminnows. They remind me of an Amazon Pencilfish. They hang at the top of the aquarium and eat almost anything.

These fish will end up back at the Wapsi before Winter.