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Toad rescue at the Cement Pond

3 Apr

Some friends bought a house with an in-ground pool. The pool needs work and the repairs will start in a few days. Right now there is about 2 feet of nasty water and leaves in the bottom of this pool. A bunch of toads have moved in to breed. In fact, they must hear the calls of the first toads who found the pool and then they come to edge and fall in. Quite a drop, probably 5 feet or so.

Here's a pair along the water's edge. These toads were easy to catch since they were quite occupied.

I ended up with 19 toads. My wife was thrilled that I used our picnic cooler.

These are all Bufo americanus, the American Toad.

I put one pair in a half-filled aquarium. Soon they will be back outside. All of the toads will get good homes, there are plenty of wild places where I can release them.

My round-trip to get these toads was 75 miles. Ten bucks in gas equals about 50 cents per toad. Well worth it!

Until the mid 1980’s, we would see toads around our homes in the early evening. Now I hardly ever see one.