Great aquarium pump. The MA-600 Via-aqua Millionaire

1 Mar

Forgive me for repeating myself, as I have already written the praises of the Via-aqua Millionaire MA-600 air pump, but I’ve just ordered another new one and I will be so happy to have lots of air powering my tanks for several years to come.  This pump can power a filter in 10 ten-gallon tanks. That’s a lot of air for an inexpensive pump.


The Via-Aqua Millionaire MA-600. Seriously, I love these air pumps!!

This is a dual pump. In other words, you attach two air lines to it, then split off that air with your own valves.

I’ve bought one new pump from and the newest one is coming from Buying a pump repair kit costs nearly as much as a brand-new pump.


When my old pump got weak I found the usual culprit, a split rubber diaphragm. This eventually happens to ALL aquarium air pumps.


Here’s the pump with the bad diaphragm (on the right side) removed. In this case I stole a diaphragm from some other old pump I had. It lasted a few months.

With two new MA-600s I should be trouble-free for years.

Aquarium pumps vibrate constantly and if yours (any brand) starts to sound annoying get a screwdriver and take off the screws on the bottom of the pump. Look inside and tighten up any screws you see in there. Then plug it in with the cover OFF. Don’t be afraid, it won’t explode. See if the vibrating parts are rubbing against anything. If they are, figure out how to stop that. You’re a smart person. Maybe you need a well-placed zip-tie in there. I just ask my wife for assistance and than I put the pump back together. Maybe the screws holding the cover together were loose in the first place, so snug those up nice and tight. If this doesn’t work, hurl the pump out the window and buy a new one.


2 Responses to “Great aquarium pump. The MA-600 Via-aqua Millionaire”

  1. Charles March 7, 2014 at 4:54 am #

    I like the bit about trying to fix it rather than just chucking it at the first sign of trouble. Keeping an aquarium has definitely made me better at kludging things back together, often out of necessity. I’ve got a fair number of pumps and whatnot held together with glue and zip ties.

    • fishtanx2011 March 8, 2014 at 11:25 am #

      It would be nice to just buy a bag of assorted air-pump diaphragms. That’s the problem 90% of the time. But the AAPC(Aquarium Air-Pump Cartel)_has made sure that we have to buy a brand-new pump every 3 years because the 50 cent piece of rubber has worn-out.

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