Water Lilies in the aquarium

24 Nov

For the past several years I have brought in a tropical Water Lily into my 55 gallon aquarium. I put it into a clay flowerpot, add some soil and cover the surface with sand or gravel. The lily does well for awhile, dies back for awhile,   and I put it back outside in the Spring.

I was just given a few tubers from some native Water Lilies (thanks, CG) and I haven’t put them into pots yet.  Within a day of being dropped into the water, the young reddish leaves came springing out. SPRING!

They look so natural in an aquarium but I know that they are too big for the small tank I have them in now.

Water Lilies look fantastic in an indoor aquarium but I suspect that they require intense lighting and a nutrient -rich substrate. When I see them on a lake or river they are growing in the stinkiest, most fertile ooze you can imagine.

These native lilies are probably “programmed” to rest at this time of year . These were outside for a few cold weeks and maybe they have been fooled into thinking (the wrong word for a plant) that it is Springtime, and will do OK in the aquarium. We’ll find out.

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