Living with Wasps

29 Jun

Wasps are attracted to my ponds. They come to drink when it gets hot and dry. This week it is expected to be over 90F every day. When I start seeing too many wasps I know right where to go. They make their nests in the nooks and crannies of my deck.
I grab a big screwdriver and just rattle it around in the right places and the nests fall out.

Here’s a little one:

Here’s a bigger one and this got the adults riled up a bit, but it’s no big deal unless you are allergic to a Wasp sting, then it’s no joke.

So this method keeps the population down without trying to kill them all off. Plus, no other insects are harmed, and no frogs/toads or birds eat a poisoned bug. I’ve never been stung by a Wasp, I can sit out on the deck and if a few Wasps are there, I ignore them and they ignore me.
Here are some flowers on the deck.


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