Angelfish babies

17 Jun

A few weeks ago the Silver Angels laid some eggs on the filter intake tube in the 55 gallon aquarium. As usual, the eggs disappeared in a day or so, the parents can’t fend off the Corydoras and Pleco at night.
Just a few days ago they laid another batch, same place. ( I really need to put a piece of slate or PVC tube in there)
My sister was visiting and she looked at those eggs. I mentioned that they were as good as gone, but she wished I could save them somehow. After she left I dropped the tube into a small aquarium…

My wife is on a trip to see her family. I need to get these tanks off the kitchen counter before she gets back!

…and them a day later I transferred them into a fishbowl with fresh water…

..and a day later I was about to throw the whole thing out, the eggs were becoming fuzzy white with fungus.
But I have not turned on the air-conditioning in the house and this little tank has been over 80F degrees. The babies developed so fast that some hatched out before the fungus got to them. I am estimating that 30 or 40 are alive. They were still attached to the tube but they were wiggling like mad. I shook them off and took them outside to the 30 gallon pond where the baby Zebras Danios are, and by the way , the Zebras are looking great.
This is not the way to raise baby Angels, I should have started immediately with prepared freshwater (not water from the main aquarium) and also had some Methylene Blue dye ready to use as a bacteria inhibitor.
But what the heck, it looks like these baby Angels will have a fighting chance in the little pond.
Someday when I do it right I’ll write a “How-To” because this is more of a”How-Not-To”.
In other news, the momma Green Swordtail had babies last night, she was just huge. A number of them came out undeveloped and in a few days I’ll see how many are healthy.


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