The old “Kill Slugs With Beer” trick

13 Jun

I have never seen so many slugs as we have this year. In normal years I’ll see an occasional one, no big deal, live and let live. But this year they have actually eaten and killed several plants. (small Coleus, in particular)
I have this box of Slug and Snail Killer in my garage.

Good grief, what am I doing with this stuff?
Just read the label:

It says “Ideal for vegetable gardens”. Yummy.
Especially since we have a dog I don’t want to use this poison, but we also have frogs and toads around that will eat slugs. Or should be eating slugs.
I have known about the Beer Method for killing Slugs but have never tried it. Last night I set out several shallow dishes of beer. I am using some water dishes meant for terrarium pets but jar lids will work the same.
I checked the dishes this morning.
First dish…nothing.

Next dish…dead Slugs!

I’ve got about 4 dishes out now and I freshened up their beer. Already some slugs have crawled in to drink. I thought they would only go in there at night but it is a fairly cool and cloudy day.


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