#3 Baby Turtle hatching

12 Jun

Here’s a quick update on the 3 baby turtles.
Baby #1 is living in a 10-gallon aquarium in an inch of water with a UVB light. I place him outside in a plastic tub several times a day. He is perking up sooo fast. I haven’t seen him eat anything but I put small pieces of Smelt and Shrimp in his tank. Maybe he is eating and I haven’t seen it yet.
Here he is outdoors. I have a wire screen over the top, I don’t want a Grackle to land on the tub and grab him.

This morning, the third baby turtle began to hatch. I have been worried about eggs Number 3 and 4, I have been checking them so often I know I have jostled them a little bit, but here he is, looking good!

#3 is hatching, #2 is still in the hatchery absorbing his egg yolk.

You probably notice that I keep calling the babies “He”. Based on their incubation temperature it is likely that they are all male. I believe they were at 75-82F for most of their time in the egg.


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