Caviar, anyone? (Danios, Angels, Turtles)

4 Jun

I’ve got some Zebra Danio eggs that are hatching. My plan is to wait a few days, until they are free swimming , then transfer them slowly into my 30 gallon pond and forget about them for a month.
Look closely at this photo to see a Zebra Danio still in the egg but curved into a little “C” shape.

Last week I put some Silver Mollies and Endler’s Livebearers into the turtle pond. Not for food, the turtles are too lazy to chase them.
We had a little cold snap, nights in the upper 40’s F, but I can see a number of baby fish in the pond now. Not sure if they are Endler’s or Mollies. Well, duh, must be both.

Also, right now, my Silver Angelfish have spawned, again, on the filter intake in the 55 gallon aquarium. So I am puzzling over this. Should I try to save this batch? I LOVE Silver Angelfish.

And in a 10 gallon tank my female Red Swordtail is filling up with babies. I think I missed her last birthing.

I need to toss in a handful of hornwort (floating plant) for the babies to hide in.

The five babies from her first pregnancy are doing great, getting fat and turning nicely red, although they look orange in my photos.

Note how perfectly I focused on the rock.


Note how perfectly I focused on the wood.

And what have we all been waiting for? Yes, it’s turtle time again. Turtle baby Number Two has hatched. He is still sitting in the eggshell.

#2 turtle baby breaking out.

The first baby still has the yolk sac attached to his belly, but he is crawling around a bit.

#1 baby, born Friday night, with egg yolk sac attached.


One Response to “Caviar, anyone? (Danios, Angels, Turtles)”

  1. Johno June 9, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

    You’ve got a lot of babies to take care of!

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