Lucky me

15 May

About 3 weeks ago, when the Morel mushroom hunters were finding mushrooms and I was finding none, a friend gave me a nice container of them, all cleaned and ready to fry. The first meal I made I breaded them and fried them in butter. The second meal I decided to just use butter. They may not look as appetizing but it is interesting to try them in different ways. Thanks, KH, for the mushrooms!

A week later another friend brought me a piece of petrified wood. She knows I love interesting rocks, but especially fossils. It’s heavy, close to 10 pounds. In this photo the petrified wood is in the foreground and right behind it is real wood. They look almost identical. Thanks, DK, for the fossilized wood. Very cool!

Last week, a retired friend and his wife stopped by and dropped a huge flowering Water Hyacinth into my turtle pond. By the time we got outside to see it the turtles were nibbling away, making it bounce around like a fishing bobber. I grabbed it and dropped it into the little 30 gallon pond, and it will soon start dividing into many more Hyacinth plants. Yes, people in Florida, up here in Iowa we buy Water Hyacinth plants! Thanks, DB and LB, for bringing me the biggest Water Hyacinth I have ever seen!

You can see a few bite marks from the turtles. It wouldn’t have lasted another hour!

It’s easy to forget how generous and nice most people are, and I think that people who care for animals and plants are nicer and more generous than most. I don’t wanna get too mushy here, but I am a damn lucky guy.


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