A handy dandy bird feeder

15 May

Here’s how we fill the blue-topped bird feeder in our Locust tree:

About 20 inches above the blue-topped feeder is a pulley. This was my wife’s idea.

OK, here is my brilliant contribution to the project, an “S hook”.

Just unhook the “S hook” and the feeder drops down. A well-placed knot in the cord reaches the pulley and stops the feeder from going too far down.

My wife is always coming up with clever ideas like this. She doesn’t just say, “Hey I think if we put a pulley on the bird-feeder it would be easier to fill”, and then stare at me. No, she goes out and buys the supplies and installs it. Then, a few weeks later I notice and say, “Hey Hon, there’s a pulley on the bird feeder.” Then she rolls her eyes and says, “No kidding.”


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