Updates on Zebra Danios, Firemouth Cichlids and Turtle eggs.

30 Apr

It’s been chilly around here but it finally warmed up late this afternoon.

The turtles are out basking:

See how green the water is? I can’t see the goldfish or Rosy Red Minnows. I know one reason why the pond is so green:

Those white globs near the water aren’t turtle eggs. They are globs of poo from a bird known as a Grackle. The Grackles are big , black, glossy beautiful birds but when they breed they keep their nest clean by picking up poo and carrying it to a body of water and dropping it in. The pond is getting over-fertilized. Our birdbath also gets very messy with Grackle poo.

But let me tell you about the 5 turtle eggs! I uncovered them for the first time since I put them in my little almost-homemade incubator. The first egg I uncovered was shriveled, and nearly bent in half. I thought , Oh No what have I done! Too dry? But no, it’s mildly damp and warm in there. The other four eggs are looking full and healthy. It’s possible we will have baby turtles within a month!

This is the egg that is not developing.

I think there's a baby turtle in this one.

I finally saw the baby Firemouth Cichlids tonight but could not get a photo. The babies are being herded on the bottom of the tank behind the rock in this picture. I wonder how many there are. It looks like 30 or 40 , maybe 50. I suppose I need to remove them as soon as they become unmanageable to the parents.

The baby Zebra Danios became “free-swimming” today. That means instead of being little tiny slivers that hug the glass, they are actually out swimming around looking for food. It’s impossible to see much in this video but I think there are approximately 50 babies.


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