Spawning the Zebra Danio, post #4

27 Apr

The Zebra Danios were hatching yesterday.
The best way I can describe them is to say this:
Picture the smallest glass sliver you can imagine. No, smaller than that. Keep trying…YES , you got it. Tiny, huh??? That’s a baby Zebra Danio.
Now, a day later, they are still tiny but have a darker coloration. They are not “free-swimming” yet, they lay on the bottom absorbing the remaining nutrition from the egg sac.
I grabbed a bucket of “green water” from my turtle pond. That is algae-rich water, which will also contain many “animacules”, small plankton-like creatures that the baby fish can feed on. I let the green water warm up and I have been adding a few cupfuls during the evening while I am home. After a few days of this I will get a brine-shrimp culture going.
You may not have turtle pond to gather green water (why not?) so I will post information about the feeding of very small egg-laying fish. I am referring to “infusoria”, again, VERY small animal life that very small fishes can feed on.
Here’s a pic of a few baby Zebra Danios. I have NO IDEA how many hatched. I saw the parents munching away at their own eggs so there may not be very many, but that’s OK. I am not trying to get rich by raising Zebra Danios.

Look along the silicone sealer to see three baby Zebras.


2 Responses to “Spawning the Zebra Danio, post #4”

  1. Eileen Dietman April 28, 2012 at 7:16 am #

    Are we the grandparents?

    • fishtanx2011 April 28, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

      Yes we are!
      I hope we don’t have to help pay for their schooling! Get it…Fish…Schooling… Omigosh ,I crack myself up!

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