Spawning the Zebra Danio post #1

21 Apr

Here’s an easy egg-layer to breed. The Zebra Danio.  Brachydanio rerio

Credit for this picture found at I can barely catch them, much less photograph them.

Zebras live about 2 years and mine are getting old, plus I had a tragedy occur with a filter intake and lost several fish. If I want to have a school of Zebras in my tank I have two choices:

1. Go to the Fish Store. Spend under 10 bucks. Come home with 10 Zebra Danios.


2. Set up a 10 gallon tank, put in a fat female. Wait a few days, put in a male. After spawning catch them both. Wait a few days, hope the eggs are fertile. Get an infusoria culture going for baby food, then get a brine shrimp hatchery going as the babies get bigger. Feed them 5 times a day. Make frequent water changes. Spend about 20 hours watching, feeding, and cleaning which will work out to about 50 cents an hour for labor.

The obvious choice is… yes, you guessed it, number One, I’ll be back in little while.

No wait, I changed my mind. Let’s try to breed some Zebra Danios!

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