Just like that, Toad eggs!

4 Apr

I put a pair of the rescued toads (see previous post) into a 10 gallon tank last night. The tank is about half full of water, with various aquatic plants floating around. I actually had it set up for the female Red Swordtail to have her babies. I added a floating platform for the toads to sit on.

This morning the male is calling and calling.  My wife asked, ” Did you put those toads in the basement?” Well, yes dear, one pair, just for a few days.


It only took one night. Here are the eggs. They are the little black things laid in a string.

I read that the eggs will hatch in 3 days to 2 weeks depending on temperature. The fish tank is much warmer than the outside water temperature so I hope they will hatch very soon, then I will transfer the tadpoles to the outdoor 30 gallon pond.

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