Pond Cleaning Day!!!

11 Mar

Our weather has improved so quickly that I was shocked into cleaning the pond. In past years I haven’t done it until late April.
I have the weekend off and the weather forecast calls for 70 degree temps for the remainder of the week. Wow, Spring is here already!!

If you ever want to build a medium-sized backyard pond I will caution you that it takes a lot of physical work. When I built my pond I worked hard for 7 days straight.  Now, every Spring , it takes a full day to clean out the pond and fill it for the new year.

Last night I drained the pond about halfway. It was smelly and gross and I knew it was only going to get worse as I got closer to the bottom. My backyard was crowded with buckets and nets and hoses and it STUNK like mad. I apologize to my neighbors if they detected the aroma of turtle poo. This morning, I finished pumping out the rest of the so-called water, then actually climbed into the pond and scooped and scraped and almost slipped and swam.

This smells worse than it looks.

Yucky-foo is all I can say.

YAY almost full and ready for fish and turtles.

These are the minnows who survived the winter and will go back into the pond once the water ages a day or so.

I also cleaned my 30 gallon pond. This a great size to begin with. It only took an hour to clean up.


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