A Cuckoo bird in Iowa?

16 Feb

Last Summer I heard a “Smack” into our sliding glass door. I looked out onto our deck and there was a bird that looked unusual to me. It turns out that it was a Yellow-billed Cuckoo Bird. Yes, a Cuckoo Bird.  They are normally in the forests, eating bugs, so they aren’t seen very often in residential neighborhoods.

You can see that he hurt his wing, but after awhile, he tucked it back in and seemed to recover. We had to leave so I never saw him again but I believe he is somewhere out there. Where might that be? They migrate to Central America. Isn’t that amazing?  We’re up here in the cold and snow (OK,  it’s not so bad this year) and he is on vacation down South.  WAY down South.

A remarkable bird.


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