It wuz a Black-Skirt Tetra

9 Feb

Justin figured out right away that the strange overhead picture was a Black-Skirt Tetra. I thought she was so fat with eggs that she looked like a female guppy but Justin could not be fooled.
The Black-Skirt Tetra has a unique shape combined with hardiness and longevity. Buy them in groups, they school well, are fun to watch when they eat (they dart to the surface like little Piranha).
I prefer to buy the normal short-fin tetras, not the long-fin. I don’t want any nipping issues among themselves or the other fish.
The Black-Skirt Tetras can handle being with almost any other fish. They are peaceful yet they don’t take any grief from bad neighbors. They do their thing and I highly recommend them to anyone. There distinct black markings fade as they age but their body shape is so interesting that I really think you will like having them in your tank! (when they are on sale at PetCo and PetSmart they are very cheap.)

Look at this Black-Skirt Tetra, ready to explode with eggs! (That fish in the upper left is a Colombian Tetra, and if you look close there are THREE Black-Skirt Tetras in this picture)

I once had a small community tank of fish. I gave the fish and tank to a friend. TWO years later the friend gave it all back to me, and there was one old fish, a Black-Skirt Tetra. I’m pretty sure that fish lived a total of 5 years.

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