Rosy Red Minnows in a pond

4 Feb

In the Spring I may have less than dozen Rosy Red Minnows in my turtle pond. Once they reach adulthood it doesn’t take long for them to breed. It’s amazing to see the schools of  baby minnows. Hundreds and hundreds of them.

My turtles are spoiled on pellet food, so chasing minnows must be too much effort for them. The minnows feed right amongst the turtles.

If you have small pond or just want a lot of fish that stay small, the Rosy Reds might be a good choice. They are more yellowish-orange than red but still they are easily visible and very active. Also, they are cheap to buy. These are the fish that are sold as “feeders” for other fish so you can buy them for 2 bucks a dozen or something like that.

Their breeding behavior is similar to a Cichlid. They mate, then deposit the eggs in a hidden spot and protect them. Rosy Reds are just a color variation of a common minnow known as a Fat-head Minnow.


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