The Lion is a Chameleon (It’s about a fish!)

23 Jan

You’ve seen my Dwarf Lionfish.  Beautiful colors. Deep oranges and browns, bright blue eyes, white flecks all over, fins spread out wide.

He is a camouflage artist! Sometimes I can’t spot him right away. I have to get very close to the tank to see him, he nestles up against a piece of coral and doesn’t move.

Tonight he just amazed me.

I had given away a lot of the plants that are growing in my salt tank, it was just getting too thick in there. The tank is more open now, it is brighter. The dead corals that were under the plants are exposed, and they are quite pale. Tonight the Lionfish snuggled up against a piece of that off-white coral, and you can see from this picture what he did. His color is very faded and he has his fins clamped in a strange way. I swear, I would think he was sick but I am convinced this is something that is natural, like a chameleon.

I’ll just let the picture show you what I mean.

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