Green Swordtails

16 Jan

The Green Swordtail is the original wild Swordtail from Mexico and Central America.  Breeders have created many types of Swordtails from that original species, and some of that was done by cross-breeding them with Platies.

When I look at a Green Swordtail  I picture them swimming in the backwaters of Central America, wild and untouched by Man. Unfortunately, they are considered an invasive species now. There are  areas of the Southern United States where they are doing just fine.

I put him in a plastic container to slow him down for this photo.

For mostly nostalgic reasons, I bought a fat female in the Spring of 2011, and when she had babies I raised them in an outdoor 30 gallon pond. A Swordtail can have over 50 babies but I saved only 15 of them. I have them indoors now, and for a long time just one developed a Sword. He is a beautiful fish! The rest appeared to be females. They stayed that way for many months and now several of them are growing a Swordtail. So what you have with Swordtails are early-developing males and later-developing males. If you read my second post about Red Velvet Swordtails I mention that topic.


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