Veggies for the fishies

15 Jan

Other bloggers on WordPress have posted about feeding their fish fresh vegetables. I rarely do it, though it sounds easy and sensible. I always feed a variety of foods, but they are prepared foods like flake food and shrimp pellets, etc.

I am going to try to feed my fish more fresh food, like cucumber slices, corn and peas. Now I have a zip-lock bag in the freezer with peas in it, just for my fish. I will feed them some at least twice a week.

If you buy the smallest container of flake food it can cost over 70 dollars per pound! ($4.50 for an ounce) Compare that to a bag of frozen peas.

Here is a post about feeding cucumber:

and this post mentions peas and corn (this Aquarist also feeds cucumber to his Plecos):

Yesterday I noticed my largest Albino Corydoras was having trouble staying on the bottom of the tank.  She could get there but it took some effort. This is likely a Swim Bladder problem and there are several possible causes for it. The solution might be to raise the tank temperature, feed fresh vegetables, and make water changes.  I have been behind on the water changes so I changed 20% of the water this morning, then fed them some frozen peas. After thawing I popped the shell off, then squished the pea so all the fish could eat some.


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