Female Swordtail is a male

14 Jan

Swordtails do some interesting things regarding what sex they are. In a group of young Swordtails some will develop their male traits (Sword and gonopodium) very early, and look very streamlined and fast. Some develop months later, and are bigger and stockier.

Also, in older Swordtails, some females will turn into males, usually if there are no other males around.

Weeks ago I bought two Red Velvet Swords and hoped to be telling you about the babies they were making. Well, guess what, the “female” I bought started showing male traits. “She” has faintest hint of a Sword, plus the anal fin now looks like a gonopodium. Darn it, there won’t be any babies from these two. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a real female Red Velvet Swordtail.

Note the gonopodium is becoming pointed, and the sword is just barely there.


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