Old Central American Forest Turtle lays eggs

13 Jan

Maybe I should have called this A Practical Turtle-keeping Blog.

I have a female Central American Forest turtle, also called a Central American Wood Turtle.  ALSO called the Ornate Wood Turtle. The species name is  Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima. She laid eggs twice this summer, and just in the past 2 weeks laid eggs again. She lays two at a time.

There is no male so these eggs can’t be fertile. The funny thing is, I got this turtle in 1990 and I have not been aware of her laying any eggs at all until 2011.  Her shell has a big “scar” on it, and her back left foot is missing. Sad huh? Just gone, and we’ll never know how that happened.

When I got her in 1990 I had never seen this species before. I asked the petshop owner in Missouri Valley, Iowa, what she was. He called her a Peruvian Wood Turtle. I guess the further away they supposedly come from , the more they can charge!

But when I asked the price, he shrugged and said, “No one will want this turtle, she is missing her back leg.”, and he gave her to me. He also said she had laid one egg at his shop.

She may be 40 years old or more now. My wife named her Peggy.


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