Anole terrarium

11 Jan

A few years ago I had some American Anoles in this 55 gallon aquarium. It made a nice little greenhouse. I had a fluorescent light for the plants and an incandescent “Reptile light” that emits UV rays for the lizards.
Anoles drink water by lapping dew or raindrops from plant leaves, so it’s important to mist some of the plants every day.
Feed them crickets that are lightly dusted in Calcium powder. Feed them the biggest variety of insects that you can in the summer, like small grasshoppers and moths. Give them mealworms rarely.

The biggest problem with using an aquarium for small lizards is that the lizards like to climb to the highest point in the tank. Find out where the lizards are before you take the lid off, they may be hanging upside down on the screen or laying along the lip of the Aquarium, nearly invisible.


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