Painted Turtle from PetCo

6 Jan

Here’s another tale of a rescued Turtle. This story is not very dramatic. Not nearly as exciting as the time I stood waist-deep in a river pulling 20-pound Snapping Turtles out of a trapper’s net, hoping I wasn’t going to get shot. Or get my fingers bitten off.

This poor Painted Turtle was in PetCo, brought in by someone who didn’t want him anymore. I really didn’t want another turtle, as they do take a lot of care. I slyly suggested to the employees that they “Put the turtle in a bucket, drive to a pond, and let him go.” After all, it’s a Western Painted Turtle, our most common turtle in Iowa by far. The young ladies working there said this turtle, even though he is relatively small, was about 11 years old and had been in captivity possibly his whole life. Would he know how to hibernate? Well, darn it, they were right, so I promised to take him and give him a good home.

Here he is, doing great, so to the ladies at PetCo in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, this is one rescued turtle that should live a long, happy life.

He's small for an adult and is likely stunted.


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