A good air pump

2 Jan

I have a pile of old air pumps in my basement, maybe 4 or 5 different brands. I added a couple of fish tanks and I needed more air. I had pretty much resigned myself to buying a new pump until I hooked up a Via Aqua Million Air pump, model MA 600.  I didn’t even know I had this old thing.  It put out so much air I now have 9 tanks aerated by it.

I’m going to buy a brand new one as a spare, they only cost $15 plus shipping.  Shipping to me, in Iowa, is about $8 so the total is around 23 dollars.

It seems it doesn’t really pay to buy replacement diaphragms anymore. The replacement kits might cost 8 bucks plus shipping. The last time I took a torn diaphragm into our Local Fish Shop the two people behind the counter did not know what I was talking about, and I had the old diaphragm with me. So just like everything else these days , it’s a throwaway society and if you have several tanks you should probably have a back-up pump ready to go.

If there is another air pump for under 25 dollars that can power 10 fish tanks feel free to mention it, I’m not really trying to promote any specific products.

On my Saltwater tank I use a Tetra Whisper 40 air pump to drive the Protein Skimmer. It does a good job, the protein skimmer takes a fairly strong air pump to work properly.

Not my picture, my camera battery is dead tonight but I'll put my own up soon. Somehow I don't think I'll get any complaints.


One Response to “A good air pump”

  1. itjustencouragesme January 5, 2012 at 10:42 pm #

    I just bought that same tetra whisper pump a month or so ago. It works really well and is nice a quiet. No complaints.

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