Green Water is algae

1 Jan

If the water in your tank turns green there are 2 reasons. The light is strong and there is organic material for algae to feed on.

I would not recommend pouring in an algae killing “medication”.

I would reduce the light the tank receives. If you have the lights on 12 hours cut back to 10. If you shut the lights off completely the algae will die, but then you will have  poor water quality issues, and when you turn lights on again the algae will come right back.

Put some fast growing live plants in the tank. Hornwort works really well because it floats and tones down the light into the tank. Same with Duckweed but you may not want to deal with the little tiny Duckweed plants that seem to magically spread from tank to tank. These live plants take up the nutrients that the algae would get.

Here's some Water Lettuce growing in one of my tanks. The plants are very small compared to Water Lettuce that is grown outside.

Very importantly, cut back on the fish food.  Fish food= fish poop=plant fertilizer=plants or green water(algae)

Then just wait, be patient, your tank will get back in balance and start to get clearer and clearer.

Clean your filters, too.

Green water can be useful. The fish actually like it unless it is like pea soup. A light green water is very natural and healthy. If you want to raise baby fish and can make a tank of green water for them to grow in they will be the healthiest babies you have ever seen. Not only does green water have algae in it, but millions of tiny animalcules that baby fish would find in the wild.

A little less light. Live plants. Less fish food. That’s all, folks.


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