A Turtle and a Frog: two pics taken today

1 Jan

I fed the frogs some earthworms tonight, they are doing good. The frogs that is, the worms are not doing so well now. This pic is of a Rana clamitans, the Green Frog.  This frog is likely a female. The tympanum, the round hearing organ where the ear would be, is about the same size as her eye. On males, the tympanum is twice the size of the eye.

Here is my largest female Red-eared Slider basking. You can tell she is a female by her large size, by her slightly domed shell and by her short fingernails, uh I mean toenails on her front feet. The males have long front toenails. Her shell is about 9 inches long and she is still growing. Keep that in mind if you want a turtle. The Red-eared Sliders they sell at PetCo get huge!

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