Red Velvet Swordtails

29 Dec

I haven’t seen many Red Velvet Swordtails for sale in the past few years. I have read that the population was reduced by hurricanes that hit the fish farms in the Southern USA.

I found a tank of Red Velvet  Swords at our local Tropical Fish Shop a few weeks ago. I bought a pair for $4.19 each. The fish had just arrived, had a little white fungus, and were marked “quarantine”, which also meant NOT FOR SALE.  I explained that I was going to put the fish into a quarantine tank also, and if I had any problems I would not complain or bring back their dead bodies. So they sold me a pair and so far, so good. I hope to have some baby Red Velvet Swordtails in a month or so. I’ll keep you posted!

See the little spot of fungus on the tail?


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