Spirobid worms, not baby snails in Saltwater

29 Dec

You may see little spiral shaped objects in your Saltwater tank. They are very tiny, and under close inspection look a lot like a baby snail.

If they are on the glass and you scrape them off you will notice they have a hard shell like a snail.

But they may not be snails, there is a good chance they are Spirobid Worms. These are little tube worms that make a little shell. They are filter feeders, meaning they ingest water and filter it, keeping the particles they can eat.

They are not harmful and, in my aquarium, there was time I thought they were going to take over the tank but,  like many things in the Aquarium, a balance was achieved and now they are still there but in a modest population.

If you have baby snails, you will notice the snails moving about and getting bigger. The Spirobid Worms find a good place to live, they attach themselves and stay there. Also, they stay VERY small.

You can see the tiny Spirobid shells on the larger snail shells.

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