Julii catfish, Leopard Catfish or Three-stripe Catfish?

28 Dec

In the petstore you will see little Corydoras Catfish for sale that are labeled as either Leopard Catfish or Julii Catfish. Most of time they are actually Corydoras trilineatus, the Three-striped Catfish.

Corydoras means    “helmeted catfish”

trilineatus means    “three striped “or “three-lined”

Here’s how I see it:

Both the C. julii and C. trilineatus can be called Leopard Catfish. The julii has small spots, the trilineatus has reticulations (little squiggly lines).

I almost never see the true C. julii, almost all the Leopard Cats I see are C. trilineatus. Even when you Google julii Corydoras most of the pics are of the trilineatus.

Which Leopard Catfish do you have?

Here's one of my favorites, my little 3-stripe Corydoras Catfish.


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