Opaline Gouramis, also known as Cosby, also known as Marbled

27 Dec

I can’t figure this out. I like Opaline Gouramis.

Gold Gouramis and Blue Gouramis  are basically the same as the Opaline and I never think of keeping them. The Opaline is a “man-made”color variation, but looks so natural and beautiful that I prefer it to the others.

I bought two Opalines in August and they ate everything in sight, and bothered no one. As usual, they fought with each other more than anything but it was all chasing and no biting.

I thought for a time that they were going to co-exist but it got out-of-whack. One Gourami is about 3 inches long and very full-bodied. The other did not keep up. It is about 2 inches long and thin.

I will be removing one of these Gouramis and hoping that the little one grows a lot. Then I want to get them back together someday.

The Opaline Gourami is also called the Cosby Gourami, in honor of Bill Cosby…hey hey hey, I’m just seeing if you are paying attention. But it is true, they are called Cosby Gouramis.

They get over 4 inches long so have at least a 20 gallon tank for them.


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